Hearing Therapists Association of New Zealand Scope of Practice

Hearing Therapists provide a comprehensive aural rehabilitation service for adults with hearing impairment and their families / whanau.

The aim of Hearing Therapy is to facilitate the use of any device, procedure, information, interaction or therapy which lessens the communicative and psychosocial consequences of a hearing loss, minimise barriers to communication arising from hearing impairment, and to facilitate the individual’s adjustment to the psychological impact of living with hearing impairment.

Hearing Therapy includes:

  • Assessment of communication and psycho-social needs of clients. Assessment may include:
    • Otoscopy and Pure Tone Air Conduction Screening Audiometry
    • Appropriate assessment tools
  • Appropriate onward referral.
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of a client centred, client driven rehabilitation plan to address identified needs.
  • Facilitation of self advocacy and enabling clients to set realistic goals and to problem solve.
  • Enablement of clients to maximise communication in a range of different listening environments, with or without hearing aids, through use of communication strategies, speech reading, and auditory training.
  • Liaison with hearing, health, and other relevant professionals, agencies and organisations in the community.
  • Advice and assistance with funding entitlements.
  • Education of the client and the wider community regarding the impact, management and prevention of hearing impairment.
  • Assistance with hearing instrument management.
  • Demonstration of, and education in the management of assistive devices which may include FM systems, personal listeners, amplified telephones, loop systems and alerting systems.
  • Assistance with understanding of hearing loss and hearing related disorders.
  • Tinnitus education and management strategies.
  • Provision of service to cochlear implant candidates pre and post implantation.
  • Involvement in rehabilitation related research.

Hearing Therapists' referrals may come from:

  • Individuals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Government agencies
  • Community Groups


National Diploma in Hearing Therapy (Level 6) or a qualification gained prior to 2003 approved by Hearing Therapy Association of New Zealand (HTANZ).