What is Hearing Therapists Association of New Zealand (HTANZ)?

HTANZ is the professional organisation for hearing therapists in New Zealand. Its purpose is to promote the knowledge and practice of hearing therapy, including research in hearing therapy.

Accredited Assessors for Hearing Assistive Technology, funded by the Ministry of Health are required to be members of HTANZ. They are also required to work within the HTANZ Scope of Practice and abide by the HTANZ Code of Ethics.

Hearing therapists who work with ACC clients are required to be full members of HTANZ, work within the HTANZ Scope of Practice and abide by the HTANZ Code of Ethics.

HTANZ has representatives on several national working groups associated with hearing loss.

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What is Hearing Therapy?

Hearing therapy is the profession that assists people to adjust to living with hearing loss.

What is a Hearing Therapist?

A hearing therapist has one of the following qualifications:
  • New Zealand Diploma in Hearing Therapy Level 6
  • National Diploma in Hearing Therapy Level 5
  • A recognised equivalent overseas qualification

What does a Hearing Therapist do?

A hearing therapist assists people to manage their hearing loss in their everyday lives, including home, work and social situations.

This may include:

  • different ways to manage communication
  • information about audiological and other relevant local services
  • information on funding options for hearing aids, amplified and alerting equipment
  • teaching you how to use your hearing aids effectively
  • information about tinnitus and ways to manage it, including referral to other health professionals if necessary

People may refer themselves or can be referred by other services, including their doctor, audiologist or Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. The hearing therapist will also refer clients to other services in consultation with the client.

How can I become a Hearing Therapist?

LIFE Unlimited is currently the only provider of training for the National Diploma in Hearing Therapy.

For information on becoming a Hearing Therapist, click here.